The Starlink Connected Tesla Model P (Pi) Smartphone is NOT REAL!

Tesla Pi Phone
The Tesla Model P smartphone is an absolute fantasy, brought to life via 3D rendering.

Last February Italian graphic designer Antonio De Rosa published a brief YouTube video and portfolio page showing off his idea of what a dream Tesla smartphone might look like.

Just consider the features integrated into the Tesla Model P (Pi):

  • Starlink Native Connection – Capable of 200 Mbps upload and download speeds via Starlink satellites, with no cellular network needed.
  • Tesla Remote Control – Control your Tesla car and use the phone as your key.
  • Neuralink Integration – Connects directly with your brain via Elon Musk’s Neuralink brain implant technology.
  • Marscoin Mining – The phone mines crypto currencies for use on Mars, and doubles as your crypto wallet.
  • Solar Panel Recharge – Never plug in the phone, just leave it sitting in the sun to recharge.
  • Astro Photography Camera – The Model P camera is sensitive enough to take pictures of the Milky Way.
  • And more…

Anyone reading this feature list should know immediately that this is an absolute fantasy product.

Neuralink has only barely even been tested in pigs, after all.

And most importantly – at the bottom of the video and on every image on Antonio’s site is this disclaimer:

Tesla Pi Phone Disclaimer
“This picture is a homage to Tesla and its products. It’s not related in any way with Tesla and all the companies mentioned in the pictures.” 

But despite this disclaimer – every few months it seems that a less than reputable “news” site or YouTube channel runs a breathless story about Elon Musk having announced a phone, always showing off Antonio’s images with the disclaimer cropped out and with no links back to the original source.

We keep hearing from people who have seen these reports and have fallen for them – assuming this is a real Tesla project that is coming to market soon. Particularly in the past few weeks, we’ve been asked about the Pi phone almost every day.

So let us set the record straight:

The Tesla Model P (Pi) Phone is NOT REAL!

And the pesky laws of physics dictate that a phone like the one Antonio imagined is destined to remain a sci-fi fueled fantasy for a very long time to come.

Key Mobile Internet Related Considerations:

  • Antonio De Rosa is known for his exquisitely rendered concept designs, and over the years many media outlets have shown off his mockups of dreamed up future products from Apple or other companies. But all reputable news sites are careful to point out that his designs are strictly from his own imagination. Beware any site that passes off concept designs like this as if they are real!
  • A Starlink “Dishy” receiver is 24″ across and uses 60-100 watts of power when powered on. There is no magical way to shrink this technology and physically large antenna down into a device the size of a phone.
  • The Tesla Model P (Pi) – Whatever you call it, this design concept is NOT real!
  • Focus your dream of Pi(e) on your plans for desert this Thanksgiving – not on getting Starlink directly to your pocket.

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