The Plan

In an attempt to entertain our God, we have made a plan,

Current Digital Assets


The lack of access to computers and the Internet (communication with the broader world) negatively impacts education (children), employment (families), civic participation (neighborhoods), and contributes greatly (arguably the biggest single cause) to reduced GDP in the United States (from here on out just think globally cuz the US is affected by global events).

LastMile.Earth establishes innovation centers globally throughout areas about to go live with broadband internet (not satellite) for the first time. (We also Provide Broadband)

These areas could have exponential growth in global e-commerce given the proper environment. (We also Provide the proper environment incorporating 2 (yes two) Peer too Peer Freelancing platforms)

To be built out as a zero friction peer-to-peer freelancing platform built on its own social platform.

(Must first clear legal, and I have a way to do this)

(Eventually a DAO, OR 100% ESSOP)

To be built out as a zero friction peer-to-peer freelancing platform built on its own social platform.

(Must first clear legal, and I have a way to do this)

(Eventually a DAO, OR 100% ESSOP)

Current IP 

Michael Noel

John Crockett

John and Michael happen to be 2 of the world’s first Certified Blockchain Professionals. They just asked us a bunch of questions about what a Blockchain Professional does, and we told them. I have an email somewhere giving us a grandfathered Certificate. That was in the Crypto Spring 2014 to 2019. 

John and Michael also built some of the world’s first Wireless Metropolitan Networks using off-the-shelf components and software. The Recreational Centers of Sun City (RCSA) Arizona could only get DSL to the pro shops at all of the golf courses in Sun City. The DSL would fail 40 to 60% of the time due to the long distances. This was causing lost revenue opportunities for RCSA in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

John and Michael answered the RFQ and in response engineered and installed one of the first inter-city, private metropolitan wireless networks, connecting the Sun City Main office with Golf Course Pro Shops in Sun City, Phoenix, and Glendale.  

Uniquely qualified Current Staff 

President and Chief Cat Herder and our only fairness officer

Ramona Waltman

She has run Medical offices for heaven’s sake, this is so much easier. She cooks for everyone and in return, they get a nice paying job. If you don’t think that is fair, well take it up with her cuz she keeps it fair. (Veteran, Women-Owned Organization) 

Chairman of the Board and Guy who handles all things legal and financial in nature.

John Crockett

And when I say everything, there are no exceptions. If you have a problem with that you will need to see Ramona. 

Chief Disruption Officer and Non-Shareholder 

Michael Noel

I don’t do anything that I am not actively seeking my replacement for. Need a job see me. If you do not like the job see Ramona she can get you another one. (And we have a two-strike rule so we move faster, third timers get referred out to a non-profit org (100% more than they get today.

Barry Wade

Chief Educational Officer – 

Regulatory contact for Higher and Continued Education Credits. If you want to teach or coach and have your students get educational credit for taking your courseware, talk with Barry. (This is a profit center that benefits Guardian Technologies)

Operational Methodology – Eventually – Wyoming Corp formed to register the Reg CF Crowdfunding. (Questions see John Crockett) 

We are going to self-register a Reg CF and create training on how others can self admin a REG CF using a rented compliance officer (we will rent them out). (Want to work on that please ask John Crockett). (Questions see John Crockett) 

So to begin with this is the Kick-Off Messaging Scheduled for Mid December. 

For immediate Release –

Last Mile Dot Earth is currently hiring over 1 million qualified adults for 14 million jobs with starting salaries above 50k (living wage). These are jobs in the fasted growing sector in the United States, Freelancing and training are available. 

There are many more jobs available, all you need to do is be willing to start your own business and work predominately from home or remote, and training, band-with, and devices may be available via a grant or an award, 100% scholarships are always available, you just need to put in the work. If you do not think that that is fair please see Ramona. 

If you need to learn how to do this we have a Learning Management System (LMS) set up for you where you can learn by watching videos and taking a test before you watch the next video. (In some cases the government will pay you to take these courses)

Please sign up to learn more 

(drip campaign and newsletter signup as well) 


Membership is free for a limited time (we should limit it to a few decades)

We need a Newswire account for this and a $350.00 release to a few hundred subscribing news channels and feeds. We make the release then do paid promotion of $200.00 on highly relevant social media platforms and through key influencers to the press release $200 for the creatives so like 8 hundred budget for this campaign all in. When I have done this in the past, on average I get 6,000 unique clicks. I think we can count on at least 6k clicks here 6 cent clicks that are relevant highly converting and unique. 

Here is the math 

6k relevant unique clicks to the blog network. 


80 % are garbage = 4800 Clicks will result in two or three hundred new members on the newsletter list. This monthly newsletter drives engagement and promotes current calls to action.  

15% need something which has been identified – 900 leads in 3 days

These will need further qualifications, so business development personnel will send a message with a yes or no question for further qualification sent within 15 minutes. The replies here go to business development personnel and should have very high conversion rates 10 or so high value with 5 closings. 

2% are gold very high conversion rates and they are ready to go. 

So 120 Conversions there. 

1% is a completed moon shot strategic – joint venture partnership


Sonoran Integrations receives Government funding and grants to build out the network with a focus on Rural and Tribal Lands – some 6,500 municipalities and any of the tribal lands. There are multiple revenue tranches for each unserved or underserved household in these municipalities. Sonoran Integrations buys out Last-Mile Dot Earth agreements for a one-time fee of 80% and will own that agreement in perpetuity. 

Government funding and grant platforms 

  1. USDA REConnect
  2. FCC Emergency Broadband Benefit Program
  3. The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, keeping schools and libraries connected
  4. American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, provides Each State with funds in addition to the funding aimed at schools 
  5. Emergency Broadband Benefit Program 
  6. There are hundreds of billions more in general funds sent to states that could be spent on broadband access.
  7. There are hundreds of billions more in general funds sent to cities that could be spent on broadband access.

Many Locations qualify for funding from one, two, three, or even four of these programs simultaneously ($100.00 to $800.00 in hardware and $50.00 to 400.00 recuring). 

Some 35k foot detail – on the seven sources for monetization. 

United States Department of Rural Development (USDA) on November 24 USDA will begin accepting applications for up to $1.15 billion in loans and grants to expand the availability of broadband in rural areas. The USDA is making the funding available through the ReConnect Program

In October of 2021 the USDA also announced a $50 million investment in 105 rural distance learning and telemedicine (PDF, 345 KB) projects in 37 states and Puerto Rico. The USDA’s distance learning and telemedicine investment include a $387,000 grant to OSF Healthcare System to help establish a telehealth network for 107,000 rural residents in central Illinois. Additionally, UHS of Texoma, Inc. is receiving a $199,015 grant to implement a distance learning system to improve mental health services for 8,000 people in the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nation in Oklahoma.

  1. For additional information on the upcoming ReConnect Program funding opportunity, see the Oct. 22, 2021, Federal Register (PDF, 319 KB). Once the application window opens, applications must be submitted through USDA Rural Development’s online application system on the ReConnect webpage. All required materials for completing an application are included in the online system. To learn more about ReConnect Program eligibility, technical assistance, and recent announcements, visit
  2. The FCC Emergency Broadband Benefit Program. The program gives a discount of up to $50 a month toward high-speed internet service for eligible households and up to $75 a month for households on Native American tribal lands. The program will end six months after the Department of Health and Human Services declares the end of a federal emergency surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. The program, which was part of the third stimulus bill, is designed to help a wide swath of all Americans get online, but the money is limited. May 12 was the start of registration for assistance at You also can contact an internet provider for assistance or sign up by mail. To learn more or get a mail-in application, call 833-511-0311. By Oct.18, 2021 more than 6,593,000 households had enrolled, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said. 
  3. The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, the latest COVID-19 relief package signed into law on March 11, 2021, includes several provisions that target funding for broadband connectivity and infrastructure projects. Specifically, the law provides $7.1 billion to support connectivity and the purchase of eligible devices for schools and libraries and establishes additional sources of funding for broadband through support to state and local governments, as well as payment assistance to individuals facing financial hardships associated with the coronavirus pandemic. ECF funds will reimburse schools and libraries for 100% of the costs of such eligible devices and/or connectivity, and such funds will remain available until 2030. Equipment eligible for reimbursement under the ECF program includes Wi-Fi hotspots, modems, routers, devices that combine modem and router, laptops, tablets, and other connected devices. 
  4. American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, also provides Each State with funds in addition to the funding aimed at keeping schools and libraries connected, the American Rescue Plan also includes funding for broadband infrastructure and support to individual households for the cost of broadband service. As part of the $190 billion appropriated to the states and the District of Columbia, states may use their funding allocations for, among other things, costs associated with certain investments in broadband infrastructure. States must have incurred such costs by December 31, 2024. Further, the law establishes a Homeowner Assistance Fund to mitigate financial hardships resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. The $10 billion fund will provide funds for distribution by the states to prevent mortgage delinquencies, foreclosures, loss of utilities, and displacement for homeowners facing financial hardship. The payment assistance available under this program includes assistance for the cost of internet service, including broadband service, as a qualified expense.
  5. the $3.2 billion Emergency Broadband Benefit Program that was established and funded through the December 2020 COVID-19 legislation. Similar to the new ECF Program, USAC will administer the EBB Program to subsidize broadband service providers for providing internet service to low-income households. The FCC adopted the rules for the new program on February 26, 2021, and recently released a timeline establishing the process by which broadband service providers can qualify to participate in the program. The window for eligible providers to state their intention to participate in the program opened on March 11, 2021. Tens of millions of people are eligible. see find out if you qualify.
  6. There have also been hundreds of billions more in general funds sent to states that could be spent on broadband access.
  7. There have also been hundreds of billions more in general funds sent to Cities and Municipalities that could be spent on broadband access.
  8. The Infrastructure bill just passed a few days ago includes 65 billion for broadband infrastructure. 

What is the size of this opportunity? 

Conversion Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Assumptions 

  • 1 child who needs bandwidth 36-month agreement family 30 Dollar monthly recurring income, 
  • 36 times 30 dollars so around $1,000 dollars Customer Lifetime Value. 
  • 1 child cluster of 4 families who need bandwidth 3-year agreement 50 dollars a month each 20 Dollar Cost, (4×36) times 30 dollars ($4,000.00)
  • Very low to no overhead. 
  • We can collect from multiple agencies for the same installation
  • More than 60% of the time a single installation will turn into multiple locations. 
  • Profit centers you lease for Hospitality, Coffee Shops, Churches, more 

For the sake of this document, let’s say the Total gross rev built out is in the $1,000.00 dollar range per household based on a 3-year term 95% probability it is more if they have neighbors but this is the baseline we project from. 

Now quick review 

6k relevant unique clicks to the blog network. 


80 % are garbage = 4800 Clicks three hundred new members on the list. 

15% need something which has been identified – 900 leads in 3 days

with 5 closings. 

2% are gold very high conversion rates and they are ready to go, 120 Conversions there. 

1% is a completed moon shot strategic – joint venture partnership and the Sales Cycle 6 months

5 conversions from the 15% funnel, 120 conversions from the 2% funnel is 125 conversions. Let’s cut that in half for 60 conversions and let’s say we just round down to 50 conversions. 

Marketing budget 800 a week and 50 conversions a week at $1,000.00 lifetime value. is 50k a week 200k a month and 2.5 million a year. from a 52k add budget. 

By the way as fulfillment according to Forbes, the best freelancing gigs are:

Marketing – Project managers, Marketing coordinators, or Marketing managers can make between $46 to $52 an hour.

Business Project Management – Project Manager, Process Analyst are estimated to make $34 to $46 an hour.

Web Development – Creating, testing, or providing support for software or apps can result in earnings of $36 to $43 an hour.

Writing – Bloggers, copy editors, and content managers can make $25 to $30 an hour, which makes freelance writing a lucrative option for wordsmiths

Accounting – It’s estimated that freelance accountants can earn between $16 to $30 an hour.

Insurance Inspection – Gathering information, such as photographs, and writing insurance reports can earn approximately $28 per hour.

Teaching/Tutoring – Teaching online classes or being a tutor can bring in $20 to $28 an hour.

Social Media – Being a community manager or social media coordinator can result in $20 to $25 an hour.

Graphic Design – Website and application designers are able to make around $21+ per hour.

Administrative Assistant – Professional assistants can earn between $17 to $20 an hour.

More than 14 million of these jobs need to be filled this minute, November 10th, 11:20 am 2021. Another 20 million or so will be created in new industries over the next few years.