The Old Man in the White House

LONDON – The world can be thankful that Donald Trump is no longer president of the United States. When he was in office, Trump envied Russian President Vladimir Putin for his brutal authoritarianism, and infamously took the Kremlin strongman’s word about election meddling over that of US intelligence agencies. And, having described Putin’s tactics vis-à-vis Ukraine as “genius” just hours before Russia launched a massive invasion of the country, Trump had the gall to claim that the attack would not have happened under his watch.

When Putin put Russia’s nuclear forces on alert, US President Joe Biden reacted with a necessary and seasoned calm. What a panicked Trump might have done does not bear thinking about.

After Trump used his presidency to undermine America’s allies in Europe and East Asia, Biden has managed with great patience and tact to restore unity among them. Even Germany, by finally boosting its defense budget, has done what several US administrations, including Trump’s, had sought, and it is now playing a significant role in support of Ukraine (though this may reflect Putin’s actions more than anything Biden did).

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