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    Verizon Business Releases New Business Unlimited Data Device Plans with 5G Ultra Wideband Network Access

    Key Points: New business data device plans with 60GB ($45/month) or 100GB ($75/month) of high-speed shareable data on the 5G Ultra Wideband, 5G...

    Verizon Launches New 5G Consumer Postpaid Smartphone Plans With More Mobile Hotspot

    Key Points: Verizon's "new" postpaid consumer smartphone plan lineup adds features for the same pricing as their prior options, bringing them in line...

    Verizon Launches 2.0 Business Smartphone Plans – More Premium and Mobile Hotspot Data

    Bookmark Key Points: Verizon rolled out some changes to their lineup of Business Unlimited <a aria-describedby="tt" href="" class="glossaryLink" data-cmtooltip="SmartphoneMost cellular phones these days are...

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