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    Bee abundance estimates vary by collection method and flowering richness

    Monitoring bee populations is becoming increasingly important and commonplace, but do current methods produce reliable estimates of bee communities? Authors Marirose Kuhlman and Philip...

    Behind the cover 2:3 – Sand addition augments gharial nesting in degrading aquatic habitats

    Gaurav Vashistha and colleagues describe their latest research attempting to reverse the observed decline in gharial nesting by improving nesting site conditions. Find out...

    ESE Editor’s Choice 2:2 – Restoring ecosystems and our well-being

    Associate Editor Elizabeth Bach introduces our latest Editor’s Choice article by Patrick Swanson who calls for a new paradigm in ecosystem restoration called ‘Restorative...

    Restorative recreation: One landowner’s restoration experience in Iowa’s Loess Hills

    In his latest From Practice article, author and landowner Patrick Swanson describes his experience restoring a native prairie remnant in Iowa’s Loess Hills and...

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