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    Dataquest’s Philosophy: Building the Perfect Data Science Learning Tool

    As I reflect on the last seven years, I'd like to dig a bit deeper into Dataquest's teaching philosophy and how it has evolved. At...

    Beginner Python Tutorial: Analyze Your Personal Netflix Data

    How much time have I spent watching The Office? That's a question that has run through my head repeatedly over the years. The beloved...

    Do You Post Too Much? Analyze Your Personal Facebook Data with Python

    As of Q2 2020, Facebook claims more than 2.7 billion active users. That means that if you're reading this article, chances are you're a...

    How to Use Jupyter Notebook in 2020: A Beginner’s Tutorial

    What is Jupyter Notebook?The Jupyter Notebook is an incredibly powerful tool for interactively developing and presenting data science projects. This article will walk you...

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