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    A framework to prioritize disease risk between wildlife and livestock

    In their latest research, Khanyari and colleagues develop a three-step framework to assess cross-species disease transmission risk between migrating wildlife and livestock in data-limited...

    Streetlights disrupt both flying and crawling invertebrates—but not in the same ways

    A new study by Lockett and colleagues explores how the proximity, intensity and colour of streetlighting impacts arthropods occupying different spatial niches, by simultaneously...

    ESE Editor’s Choice 2:2 – Restoring ecosystems and our well-being

    Associate Editor Elizabeth Bach introduces our latest Editor’s Choice article by Patrick Swanson who calls for a new paradigm in ecosystem restoration called ‘Restorative...

    Use of avian GPS tracking to mitigate human fatalities from bird strikes.

    Air traffic has increased significantly in recent years, from 1.674 billion passengers in 2000 to 4.397 billion passengers in 2019.  However, this growth has...

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