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    Data Analyst Skills – 8 Skills You Need to Get a Job

    What is a Data Analyst?A data analyst is someone who uses technical skills to analyze data and report insights.On a typical day, a data...

    Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Scientist — What’s the Difference?

    Data engineer, data analyst, and data scientist — these are job titles you'll often hear mentioned together when people are talking about the fast-growing...

    You Need Data Skills to Future-Proof Your Career

    No matter what industry you're in, you need data skills to future-proof your career. You might be thinking: Vik is the CEO of a company...

    Data Analytics Certification: Do You Need a Certificate to Get a Job as a Data Analyst?

    If you’re interested in becoming a data analyst, or even just interested in adding some data skills to your resume, you’ve probably wondered: do...

    Want a Job in Data? Learn SQL.

    Why do you need to learn SQL?1. SQL is used everywhere.2. It’s in high demand because so many companies use it.3. SQL is...

    How to Write a Great Data Science Resume

    Writing a resume for data science job applications is rarely a fun task, but it is a necessary evil. The majority of companies require...

    Practical Data Ethics — How You Can Make Your Data Work More Ethical

    As a junior data professional, getting your company to implement ethical approaches can feel as daunting as climbing a mountain. But there are some...

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