Metro by T-Mobile Brings Back 100GB/$50 Data Plan

Key Points:

  • Metro by T-Mobile has brought back their 100GB for $50 data plan
  • This plan was available earlier this year but was discontinued in March 2021
  • There are some limitations on the availability of this plan and the equipment that can be used with it

Recently while doing a routine check of available data plans, we noticed that Metro by T-Mobile had brought back their 100GB for $50/month data plan.

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The Disappearing and Re-Appearing 100GB Data Plan

The availability of this and other 100GB data plans from T-Mobile and its subsidiaries has a confusing history. It’s come and gone with some frequency, and it’s kept us on our toes trying to keep track of them!

Metro by T-Mobile first introduced a 100GB data plan in December 2020 when a similar plan was also introduced by T-Mobile and T-Mobile Prepaid. At that time, we added the T-Mobile and T-Mobile Prepaid plans to the list of Top Pick Data Plans.

But in March 2021, the 100GB plan was discontinued by T-Mobile Prepaid and Metro by T-Mobile. The plan remained available from T-Mobile postpaid, but then in May 2021, it was discontinued there as well.

But then….it came back! But only for T-Mobile postpaid, and only for a limited time. By August, it was gone again, with the exception of a 5G data plan available only with the purchase of T-Mobile’s 5G hotspot device.

And now, as of November 2021, the plan is back on Metro’s website.

But it has not yet reappeared for T-Mobile postpaid or prepaid but we will continue to monitor to see if/when it does.

Metro T-Mobile data plans
The 100GB/$50 data plan is listed on Metro by T-Mobile’s website as of November 2021.

Metro 100GB Plan Limitations

100GB for $50 is a nice chunk of data for a reasonable price. But there are some restrictions on this plan that make it less than ideal.

For one, in order to activate a data plan with Metro by T-Mobile, you must also have at least one phone line with Metro as well. You can not activate a data plan as a standalone plan.

Secondly, you can not bring your own device with this plan. You must purchase a hotspot device from Metro by T-Mobile, and the only hotspot device they offer is the rather basic Alcatel LINKZONE 2. This is a low-end device with no antenna ports, is not compatible with 5G, and does not support carrier aggregation.

In addition, we have seen reports that not only do you have to purchase Metro’s hotspot device in order to get this plan, but that they will also lock your plan to this device. So it likely would not work if you tried to use this plan in a different hotspot or router.

Other Data Plan Options

If you’re tempted by that 100GB of data but dismayed with the limitations, fear not – there are other options for you:

Here are some other, currently available options from our list of Top Pick Data Plans:

Also, Peplink is currently advertising a promotion on their website where they offer a 100GB/$50 data plan with the purchase of a Pepwave device from a “T-Mobile for Business Partner Program.” But we have yet to find this bundle actually for sale anywhere. We will continue to follow up on this and report if we find any further details. 

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