I am a Student and I need Broadband

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I am a Student and I need Broadband

Groundhog form here to capture student information.

This campaign will identify the area and an area representative

It will also include a sign up to be a representative form in the case no representative is available

Students will be offered a job offering local broadband in their local area under an agreement.

We should be able to drive 500 to 1,000 student level unique visits daily to this page.

We are thinking 20 to 30 subscriptions and another 20 or so new distributors daily within 30 days if we can set up lead magnets, and click funnels, then run email and social media campaigns to those entry points.

We will be able to hand students a turn key solution that they supply power to. This unit will provide broadband at a study place, dorm, or home.