How The Mobile Data Industry Has Changed During COVID-19

We’ve all struggled to cope as work, home, school, and travel underwent dramatic shifts in 2020. The ways we communicate, socialize, and entertain ourselves have been impacted, and the telecom and wireless industries are at the epicenter of these transformations.

Home and mobile networks have become crucial to every aspect of life, providing both crises and opportunities to the telecom industry. This is the central theme of how the wireless industry has changed during COVID-19, and it will continue to drive the industry in 2021 and beyond.

How The Wireless Industry Has Changed During COVID-19

The scale of part-time and full-time remote work in 2020 was unprecedented. COVID-19 has merged home, mobile, and office life at a pace that could not have been predicted. Before 2020, some companies offered work-from-home or remote work options, but it was far from the norm that it has become.

As workers are spreading out, universal access to wireless — a nice-to-have in prior years — has become an absolute necessity. The line between work and home is blurring, and remote workers are coming to expect the reliability and security of their office networks to follow them everywhere they go.

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