Last Mile Hotspot Package

First select the carrier, plan and number of hot spots to fit your organization’s size and usage needs

CarrierPlan NameCost / MonthActivation FeeSIM CostTotal
ATT1GB IOT$18.00$10.00$6.00
ATT600 GB$170.00$10.00$6.00
ATT800 GB$190.00$10.00$6.00
ATTPlatinum Data$210.00$10.00$6.00
TMOBILE1GB IOT$20.00$10.00$6.00
TMOBILE350 GB$150.00$10.00$6.00
VERIZON1GB IOT$24.00$10.00$6.00
VERIZON200 gb2$30.00$10.00$6.00
VERIZONPlatinum Data$240.00$10.00$6.00
ROGERS1GB IOT$40.00$10.00$6.00
ROTN1GB IOT2$0.00$10.00$6.00
Based on a 3 year agreement with the carrier

Next choose the number of appliances needed based on sites and users

Simple Wan 250
Simple Wan 250 $297.00
Up to 300 users