Hiring 1 Thousand Veterans

Are you a Veteran without Broadband Service? 

Do you know someone who is?

Are you a veteran, who would like to start a business?

Do you know someone who is?

Are you a veteran, who would like to know about other veterans who are hiring? 

Did you know that there is still money in the first pandemic bill almost two years ago for bandwidth in rural areas? What does that mean? That means that if you do not have the bandwidth at home in a rural area, the federal government paid to get it there over a year ago. 

There are hundreds of millions of dollars available today from multiple sources, to provide bandwidth to rural areas. Here is the issue, some of these homes are so remote that it takes thousands of dollars to bury cable, and that expense doesn’t make sense to pay to cover a 50.00 a month cable bill, it just takes too long to get that investment back. 

Terrestrial Cable companies need population density levels if they want to be profitable. They also have extremely high operating costs. And multiple levels of bureaucracy. 

Small Wireless Data Companies do not have those constraints, and they can be bootstrapped in an easily defined simple logical process. This process can be implemented simultaneously by multiple teams in multiple locations. Here teams are the challenge. It is difficult to rally a group from a distance. Especially millennials coming out of a pandemic who are disillusioned, and rightfully so. 

There are thousands of ideal locations that we have already identified. From small wireless network community nodes of 10 and 15 homes to the thousands of small school campuses libraries, churches, that need provisioning. All of which could be provisioned wirelessly from money that is already available to bury cable. The technology that makes this possible is Private 5g networks, which have only come down to realistic pricing levels in the last 6 months. 

This means that small WISP’s can be profitable from the first month, so they can be funded on a credit card. Small WISP’s are easily expandable. 

Small WISP’s could be run by a small business that was started by almost any veteran.

We believe that everything else is available, except for the teams to implement this gargantuan task. 

What does that Mean? 

That means that we think we need to train 5 teams in every state to go out and sell, build, and maintain wireless networks in underserved communities. 

We believe that if these teams were run by veterans, it would be good for the veterans. We also believe this would also benefit the communities they would serve. 

We believe we need, One state organizer for each state starting in the next seven days, preferably a veteran with the capability of recruiting and training teams. Each state organizer will be responsible for taking the online course building a WISP offered at https://lastMile.Earth (We have a guy that has done this that is already creating the training and will be ready first of next week)

Each state organizer will be responsible for recruiting a team of 3 people before December 15th, 2021.

  1. Specialist handling Social Media at a local level as well as communications with press and municipalities
  2. Specialist in customer service 
  3. Specialist in residential landscaping and retrofitting
  4. The original state organizer makes this a team of 4. 

50 states times a team of 4 we need 200 veterans today. 

Before December 15th, 2021 each of those 50 teams will be responsible for getting together 4 additional teams for that state. We need an additional 600 veterans starting December 15th, 2021.

That is 800 jobs before Christmas. We will need almost 1 thousand veterans to get this done.

The members of these teams will work for the organizations that they will create and staff, these are companies that they will own and operate. We will coach team members on running and operating businesses. Coaching is handled by John Watkins and Performers Resource. 

First, they will follow all the steps to build equity in a company that they will own and operate. Team members will share in recurring revenue streams that will last several decades. 

Second, they will set up WISPS, then they will operate them. There will be thousands of WISP’s and independent businesses, each producing recurring revenue for veterans for years and perhaps decades to come. 

Today we could use your help in making connections within the veteran’s network in a way that would scale immediately? 

Who do you know that we should talk with? 

Last Mile Dot Earth Team. 

Ramona Waltman

John Crockett

Michael Noel 

Sign up here https://lastmile.earth/register/

Special thanks to our Training Partnership 

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