Iowa State With Explicit Roadblocks

  • Iowa State With Explicit Roadblocks

    Posted by Michael on August 11, 2021 at 8:41 am


    Iowa Code § 388.10

    There are no statutes that specifically bar municipalities from offering broadband services to residents, but the state laws do require that all new public utilities must be approved by voter referendum of 51%. If the referendum fails, the municipality cannot hold another referendum vote on the same proposal or a similar proposal for at least four years. If a municipality wishes to use bonds to finance a public broadband network, the measure needs to obtain 60% approval in a referendum. Municipalities are also prevented from using general fund moneys to support a broadband network, and must complete a detailed annual audit, subject to open meeting requirements — meaning that aspects of the audit which might contain commercially sensitive information must be made public.

    In 1999, Iowa lawmakers adopted changes to Chapter 63 of the Iowa Acts, enabling municipalities to build and operate public broadband networks to provide service to residents. But telecom lobbying groups pushed through two bills in 2004 that placed new restrictions on municipalities operating broadband networks, including requiring lengthy annual audits, and removing the open meetings exclusion.

    In late 2019, the City Council of Waterloo, Iowa, allocated funds to complete a feasibility study on developing a municipal broadband network. In February 2021, Senate Study Bill 1184

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