Florida State With Explicit Roadblocks

  • Florida State With Explicit Roadblocks

    Posted by Michael on August 11, 2021 at 6:26 am

    Florida Statutes §§ 125.421. 166.047, 196.012, 199.183 and 212.08; § 350.81

    Florida state laws impose “ad valorem” taxes on municipal broadband networks, but does not impose such taxes on other public utilities or services sold to the public. The state laws generally subject municipalities to restrictions on capital-intensive initiatives that make broadband projects difficult to begin. The statutes require municipalities to hold at least two public hearings, during which local officials must offer a roadmap to profitability within four years — making nearly any citywide municipal broadband proposal unfeasible.

    Under these conditions, only two municipalities have successfully deployed broadband services to residents. The city government of Ocala, Florida has been operating a broadband network since the early 2000s; and Bartow, Florida, has owned and operated its own fiber network for years. The city government of Lakeland is now also reportedly considering building out its own fiber network, though it could also simply lease or sell to a private partner instead.

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