Gerard Dache

An open letter to Gerard Dache and GBA Membership. 

Gerard – Good day 

I trust your trip was as productive, and that you have returned safely.

Regarding the Government Blockchain Associations Blockchain MaturityModel (BMM) and a request for comment. I would like to comment and apply for a position on the committee. I have no idea what that entails, but I would like to support these documents and their development. 

Some here have questioned my pedigree which is somewhat unpublished. By way of my qualifications, which most times may not be evident, as I did not participate in ICO’s or any speculation for that matter. Instead, I focused on Core Blockchain Fundamentals and the execution. 

I have worked on several similar undertakings to the BMM from 2016 through 2019 (before Crypto Kitties). Chris McCoy and StoreCoin ($Store) come to mind where we tried to operate $Store under the original United States Constitution. 

(From 2019) STORE is a new public blockchain powering free transactions using Dynamic Proof of Stake and governance that is inspired by the U.S. Constitution – More here – , Interestingly enough Chris is on a team currently buying an original copy of the Declaration of Independence right now. 

As a Silicon Valley Cryptonight Vechures Founder, I worked with Red Hering founder Tony Perkins and his team on a set of documents outlining base criteria for consideration in specific areas of the marketplace. (Exchanges have different criteria than a Wallet, although they sometimes function the same). 

(I am currently a Cryptonite Wizard as well (Tim Draper (Draper University))

I founded and facilitated Blockchain Weekly as well for 3 years. I would interview someone in the Blockchain Space each week. We defined Blockchain as a different space from Crypto. For instance, in early 2019 i had the pleasure of interviewing Medha Parlikar, then CEO for Casper Labs on Blockchain Weekly. Medha worked for Vilad (Vitalic and Vlad, yes that Vlad) directly on POS, and during the interview, (2019) we discussed the Beacon chain (2021) and sharding (2022 maybe?). 

I have been on stage with and had conversations about blockchain governance and where and when this all started with David Choun, David Saxson, Nick Sabo, Nick Spanos, and thousands of others. I have appeared on stage at over 60 events including the ETH Denver Hackathon in 2019 (The Peak of the Blockchain Spring). I have hung with some of the brightest minds in the space that no one knows which is more important really. 

John Crockett and I are two of the First People to be certified as Blockchain Professionals. By the ECC which is part of the IIB Council 

In early 2016 John and I founded (I bought that domain for $49.00). John and I looked at ICO’s and decided not to participate. We felt very strongly that these ICO’s resembled securities way too closely. Instead, we saw the potential in the TECH STACK and went to work developing Smart Contracts for Enterprise companies, who passed our work onto internal staff 100% of the time (not scalable). This is where Noel’s Law of Decentralization came from, 

Noels Law of Decentralization – “When confronted with a decentralized mechanism, the first thing a centralized organization will do is try to centralize it

In 2017 John and I developed 2 what we called Blockchain Native Organizations Swift Harvest and Delivery Chain. We took the traditional workflow off the table and started from scratch and let DLT Handel trust in the workflow. 

It was Magic it worked so well. So true to form, Delivery Chain said thanks and brought in a team to take over. 

Swift Harvest however wanted me to help them grow and appointed me Interm CEO with a 36k a year salary and no benefits (Yay). Fast forward a few months, and my friend Aaron Babcock had Swift Harvest in front of an investor group that made a 20 million dollar offer on a 40-year-old company with not much in flat for decades revenues. A few weeks later the owner’s son asked me why I thought I was CEO when he had actually been CEO all along, and he handed me my walking papers. Today, a few years later, that company has not moved forward under the new CEO’s management. 

During this time, the media was publishing information indicating there were no workflows. John and I started 37 Blockchain Companies within 60 days, using the 4 meet up events as a SandBox each with a different workflow.

During this time I was developing Tokenomic Theory (Tokenomics is not Economics) and ran 4 Blockchain Meetups a month in Phoenix Arizona, and would be live on stage in front of an audience in another city once or twice a month. 


Speaker Startup Week Phoenix Blockchain Day

Speaker and Host for Multiple Meetups (4 per month)

Featured Speaker GCU Blockchain event 2018

Featured Speaker at CryprtBlockCon in LA 

Moderator Blockchain Chicago 2018 

Moderator Meet the Masters of the Crypto Investor Universe Draper University San Francisco

Cryptonite World Featured Speaker – The State of the Blockchain – Fort Mason San Francisco

 Featured Speaker The Blockchain Experience Phoenix Arizona 

Blockchain 48 Scottsdale Arizona

Las Vegas Crypto Blockconn Moderator and Panel Speaker 2018

Numerous others (lots and lots)


Event Moderator 12th Global FinBlock Hero City Forum at Draper University

Speaker and Host for Multiple Meetups (4 per month)

ETH Denver Moderator and Speaker

PHX Startup Week 2019 Featured Speaker

Crypto Blockconn Los Angeles Moderator and Panel Speaker

London, CryptoBlockCon Summits  

ChainPoint 19, Yerevan, Armenia.

November Arizona Retreats

CryptoBlockCon Conference & Expo Moderator and Speaker

Numerous others 

Panel Moderator & Speaker MENA Future of Fintech 2021

Banking the Unbanked 

Then the Pandemic hit and everything evaporated. We learned so much in the Blockchain Spring followed immediately by scorched earth in the (now 2-year long) Blockchain Pandemic (Quarinten the whole world) Summer. 

I have followed the ETH 2.0 test net, and as I did, I have become more convinced that POS will scale. I was fine with watching and waiting for ETH 2.0. 

Then Lictenstien and the hope for global governance caught my attention. Scaling and Governance simultaneously was a sign that I should come out of my pandemic cave, which I did. 

And I started making plans to relocate to Germany to work on Governance and be close to Africa, where I wanted to set up Banking for the UnBanked. 

Great Plan, until I really started understanding where Lictenstien was really heading internally. Lichtenstein now seems to me to be Centralist Regulators wearing a decentralist facade and the level of fuckery, is a level of fuckery that makes Malta look like a nunnery. 

Now enter my friend Gerard Dache who reached out to me for two years encouraging me to join GBA followed by conversations with some very interesting people from some very interesting places with lots of Stars. 

Thank you Gerard Dache, I owe you big time. 

How can I help? 

I am a Blockchain Tech Influencer with a big list (over 1 million blockchain email addresses) and I have rockstar access to other blockchain influencers like Adryenn Ashley who in 2019 was the number 6 Blockchain Influencer overall, and the #1 top Female Influencer.  

I have tenure in this nascent bipolar dysfunctional industry that very soon will be asked to save the planet. 

I would like to contribute to your BMM documentation here and would be honored to be accepted if you feel compelled to allow it. 

I have a plan to build out the Blockchain Sandbox in advance of Lichtenstein to be announced at the summit in January. This would match up Nicely with the GAB token being exchanged for IOT or Broadband Data. 

This is a potential windfall financially for the GBA. I would like to open discussions about the feasibility between our teams as soon as possible. The goal would be to announce the GAB Blockchain Sandbox in advance of Lichtenstein’s Blockchain Sandbox attempt (Sputnik).

That Plan is well documented in two living documents here. 



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Decentralization – If we define it as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) then the results should be distributed. Also might consider language around friction here to reduce friction in workflows.