FlagPole Buddy Now Offering A Cellular Antenna Mounting Adaptor and a Starlink Mounting Solution

FlagPole Buddy is a small, RV-centric company that has historically focused on flag mounting solutions that many RVers have found useful for mounting mobile internet tech such as antennas. Recently, FlagPole Buddy has moved into the mobile internet mounting solution space more purposefully. 

Flagpole Buddy offers ladder, hitch, under-the-wheel, and suction-based mounting systems. They offer kitted and parts to mounting solutions. 

In late summer 2021, FlagPole Buddy released a Cellular Antenna Adaptor for their pole-based mounting solutions. More recently, FlagPole Buddy released a mounting solution for the Starlink Generation 1 (round dish) system. 

We have had hands-on time with both the Cellular Antenna Adaptor and the Generation-1 Starlink Mounting System. 

Our supporting MIA members have full access to our assessment, thoughts, and photos of these mounting solutions within the Gear Center for FlagPole Buddy:

FlagPole Buddy Gear Center

Key Mobile Internet Related Considerations:

  • FlagPole Buddy provides kitted and piecemeal solutions for mounting cellular and Wi-Fi antennas. 
  • The new FlagPole Buddy Starlink Generation-1 Mounting Kit can only be used with the Generation-1 (round dish) system. It will not fit the Generation-2 (rectangle dish) system.
  • As of this writing, there is not a FlagPole Buddy kit available for the Starlink Generation-2 (rectangle dish) System. 
  • FlagPole Buddy focuses on being able to mount an antenna from the ground – even if the placement is high up on your ladder or above your roof. 

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