May, 25

    New Grants

    BOSTON — Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker announced Tuesday he will activate up to 500 members of the National Guard to support understaffed hospitals across the state facing a surge of COVID-19 patients and to bolster non-emergency medical transportation needs. Up to 300 Guard members will begin training this week to...
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    File Number: 0182-EX-CR-2022, Callsign: WL2XTW

    A grant was issued on 03/29/2022 to Globalstar, Inc, experiment type: Cubesats %post_title% Last Mile Source

    Biden’s Health Moonshot

    LONDON – Although US President Joe Biden promised to lead with “science and truth,” his administration’s efforts to advance science have fallen short....

    File Number: 0145-EX-CR-2022, Callsign: WJ2XIW

    A grant was issued on 03/28/2022 to Textron Aviation, Inc., experiment type: GPS Reradiator %post_title% Last Mile Source

    How the West Enabled War in Ukraine

    BERLIN – Contrary to what Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed, and what political scientists like John Mearsheimer believe, NATO enlargement did not...

    File Number: 0147-EX-CR-2022, Callsign: WK2XZV

    A grant was issued on 03/25/2022 to ADC Automotive Distance Control Systems GmbH, experiment type: Vehicle Radar %post_title% Last Mile Source

    Madeleine Albright’s Potent Legacy for Women

    WASHINGTON, DC – I first met Madeleine Albright in 1988, when I was a very junior staffer on Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis’s presidential...

    Democracy Is the Next Identity Politics

    LONDON – Twenty years ago, while standing in line at a Harvard cafeteria, I overheard one student say to another, “It is the...

    File Number: 0183-EX-CN-2022, Callsign: WM2XLD

    A grant was issued on 03/25/2022 to Lockheed Martin Corporation, experiment type: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle %post_title% Last Mile Source

    File Number: 0132-EX-CN-2022, Callsign: WM2XLL

    A grant was issued on 03/25/2022 to L3 Harris, experiment type: communications, general %post_title% Last Mile Source

    File Number: 0180-EX-CN-2022, Callsign: WM2XMK

    A grant was issued on 03/25/2022 to STATE OF CALIFORNIA, experiment type: Not specified %post_title% Last Mile Source

    Fight Inflation with Supply-Side Labor Reform

    SAN DIEGO – In the past few years, a million retired Americans have picked up a pickleball racket. We would have less inflation...

    The Ukraine War Is Reshaping Development

    HONG KONG – The global economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic was always fragile, especially in the developing world. With Russia’s disastrous war...

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