AT&T Prepaid Sends Confusing Cancellation Notices to Hotspot Customers

Key Points:

  • AT&T sent cancellation notices warning that customers must upgrade devices or their accounts would be terminated on April 1st.
  • The notices were sent the day before AT&T is scheduled to shut down it’s 3G network.
  • Notices were sent to customers with whitelisted 4G/LTE devices, sowing confusion.

Developing Story Alert

This is a developing story – we will update this story as information is received and confirmed.

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Several Mobile Internet Resource Center MIA members today received cancellation notices for their AT&T prepaid accounts.  The email warned that their current device will “stop working any day now” and that the account would be canceled on April first if the device wasn’t upgraded.

This notification is likely related to AT&T’s plan to shut down its 3G network tomorrow (February 22nd).

The problem is that the people receiving this notice are using LTE devices, including those listed on AT&T’s whitelist.  This is likely a mistake by AT&T.

Here is a copy of the email:

att prepaid cancellation notice email

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AT&T Cancellation Video


An AT&T Error?

So far it appears that only AT&T prepaid customers with data-only lines are receiving the warning.

This is a developing story, but currently, we believe that AT&T is sending out these messages in error.  Some customers who received the warning are using the AT&T MR1100 Netgear Nighthawk mobile hotspot device, which is both on AT&T’s whitelist and also currently for sale on AT&T’s website. 

It does not make any sense for AT&T to tell customers that this device must be upgraded or it will stop working

The same goes for other reports received from our members who are using other modern equipment that is not affected by the 3G shutdown.

Don’t Panic

For now, we recommend that you don’t panic if you receive one of these notices as it is likely a mistake.  Please check back with this article for updates.

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